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Breakthrough in Ultra Thin Solar Cells, Graphene Conductivity Can Be Improved

Scientists all over the world have been trying to break through the structural improvement of graphene materials. Recently, two researchers from the University of Kansas in the United States connected the graphene layer with two other transition metal monolayer two-dimensional materials -- Molybdenum selenide and tungsten disulfide, thus prolonging the electronic life cycle and stimulating the electronic efficiency of graphene hundreds of times. The significance of this work is to promote the high-performance ultra thin solar cells and flexible solar cells development.

Professor Zhao Zhao and his student Ryan, the main leader of the research team, think: "after the sun starts the electron, the electron can move freely in the material, just like a group of students standing up from their seats, they are no longer constrained in a fixed position, and all dynamic students can move freely in the classroom - just like the current. "

But at the same time, one of the biggest challenges to achieve high efficiency of solar cells with graphene as the working material is the electrons released, because the speed is extremely fast, and graphene is a typical "zero band gap material", which can not stop, has a strong loss of energy and become immobile. "In graphene, electrons remain free for only one picosecond," Zhao said. This is too short for accumulating a large number of mobile electrons. In other words, although the electrons in graphene can be moved by light excitation and can move rapidly, they can only keep moving for too short a time to contribute to the power, and it is difficult to keep the heat in one second, which is the inherent characteristic of graphene, and has become a great limiting factor for the application of this material in photovoltaic or photosensitive applications

In tungsten carbide manufacturer order to achieve the high efficiency of graphene solar cells, researchers designed a three-layer material, which was composed of a single layer of molybdenum selenide (MoSe2), tungsten disulfide (WS2) and graphene.

We can think of the molybdenum disulfide layer and graphene layer as two rooms full of electrons, while the middle WS2 layer is the corridor separating the two rooms. When light strikes, electrons in the MoSe2 layer are released. They are allowed to enter the graphene layer through the WS2 layer corridor. Corridors act as buffers so that electrons leave their seats in MoSe2, which helps convert light energy into electricity. "

To prove the idea, the researchers used ultrashort laser pulses (0.1 picosecond) to release some Zgcc Cemented Carbide electrons in MoSe2. By using another ultrashort laser pulse, they were able to monitor these electrons as they moved to graphene. They found that the electrons moved in an average corridor of about 0.5 picoseconds. Then they stay moving about 400 picoseconds - 400 times more than graphene alone. This is conducive to the efficient storage and discharge of solar cells.

Graphene, tungsten disulfide and molybdenum selenide are all single-layer and two-dimensional nano materials as thin as cicada wings, so the sandwich sandwich structure of the three can be used to make very thin, very small and transparent solar cell panels, which can transform light into electricity efficiently and stably. At the same time, the scientists think that the adjustable band gap of three kinds of materials can be used to construct the Cemented Carbide Cutting Tool multi-layer battery, which can be applied to electronic devices such as foldable mobile phones.

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New Breakthrough in Fuel Cell Research and Development

At the Tokyo auto show, TOYOTA, Honda and NISSAN, the three major Japanese auto makers, exhibited a number of new energy vehicles, both fuel cell vehicles. Why are the Japanese still bigoted to develop fuel cell cars?

Compared to current Cemented Tungsten Carbide pure electric vehicles, fuel cells are truly clean energy sources. Even at present high hydrogen production costs, many developed countries have not given up their research. In the field of hydrogen energy research, Japan, Europe and the United States have good scientific research results and technology accumulation. Recently, Europe has made better performance and price. The lower fuel cell catalysts are mainly tungsten oxide and cobalt. The low cost of hydrogen production is only a matter of time.

The Tokyo auto show is known as one of the world's five largest auto show. As the world's major automobile manufacturing country, the auto show is also the vane of the future trend of automobile development in addition to the new car exhibition. The Tokyo auto show is undoubtedly the best choice to observe the future Carbide Rods Double Holes development trend of the Japanese car enterprises. As a well deserved pioneer in the automobile industry, the TOYOTA believes that the development of hydrogen fuel cells is more conducive to environmental protection. At the Tokyo auto show, two of TOYOTA's 7 global first launch vehicles were driven by hydrogen fuel, the fuel cell luxury car Fine-Comfort Ride and the fuel cell bus SORA introduced at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Honda agreed with TOYOTA's concept and spent enough research and development on hydrogen fuel cells. Its Clarity new energy vehicle is the world's first development of hydrogen fuel cell, plug-in mixing and pure electric three powertrain versions. However, Musk, a CEO of luxury electric vehicle brand Tesla, has objected that the model is very stupid. From the scene, the Cemented Carbide Cutting Tool new energy vehicles are divided into two camps, while most manufacturers develop lithium batteries as power units, while the Japanese and Korean cars, represented by TOYOTA and Honda, are developing fuel cell vehicles.

Under the guidance of the government, Japan has built 99 hydrogen stations. By 2020, the number of hydrogen stations will increase to 160. TOYOTA's first hydrogenation station in China was formally completed, and TOYOTA began to start a demonstration experiment in the FCEV "MIRAI future" in China. The new achievements on fuel cell research in the world have also brought more confidence to Japanese enterprises in the recent world. In the future, if the TOYOTA led hydrogen fuel cell vehicle can be produced, it will solve the problem of the integration of the new energy vehicles in China.

There is a close relationship between fuel cells and tungsten. Tungsten based catalysts are very likely to be used in future universal fuel cells. This view has been widely recognized in Japan, the European Union and other developed countries. Recently, the Catalonia Institute of chemistry announced a new cheap and efficient fuel cell catalyst.

Chemists discovered a compound composed of cobalt and tungsten (technically known as polyoxometalate), which is better than iridium catalyzed water decomposition. The researchers think: nanoscale tungsten and cobalt have very large activity and multi molecule function, and polyoxometalate is cheaper than iridium, so that we can work in acid medium. The best medium is the catalyst for producing oxygen, which is really a highly efficient combination catalyst.

The researchers explained: water molecules make hydrogen energy cleaner, but it is not easy. Now we have finally found a cheaper and more efficient catalyst that will enable us to get hydrogen at a competitive price. The best catalyst is based on the iridium oxide, but iridium is a very expensive and rare precious metal. Moreover, the advantage of the new catalyst is that the tungsten cobalt catalyst is particularly effective at low power consumption. This is an advantage. It can save electricity and enable us to decompose the energy needed for water from renewable energy sources such as solar panels.

The market competition of new energy vehicles will become more and more fierce. In order to occupy a place, it is necessary to increase the investment of the capital. The Kobe iron and steel event makes Japanese manufacturing take the altar, but the technical force of Japan can not be overlooked. In some cases, the success of the Japanese comes from his persistence and bigotry for the target. The new energy vehicle market will be the game between pure electric vehicle type and hydrogen fuel cell. We can wait and see who can laugh to the end and occupy the market.

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Industry Growth Opportunities In Tungsten Carbide Market Delivered In Latest Report

The tungsten carbide market report includes definitions, classifications, applications and industry chain structure. This market research report of 84 Pages also provides supply and demand Figures, revenue, development trends, competitive landscape analysis, and key regions distributors analysis, revenue and Carbide Rods Single Hole shares.

Highlights of the tungsten carbide market report include competitive landscape and strategic recommendations, The tungsten carbide market forecast and growth areas for traction bed industry, changing market trends and emerging opportunities, historical shipment and revenue, market analysis by key applications, main manufacturers in market share.

Full-Scale Analysis of tungsten carbide market 2022 include market consumption by Regions., industry chain, demand analysis & market shares. Market drivers and distributor analysis, application market analysis and technology status., research methodology and company profiles, market product analysis, shipment, ASPs, revenue. In Nutshell, the report gives detailed information about U.S tungsten carbide market main manufacturers, company profiles, product Cemented Carbide Drill Bits analysis, shipment, ASPs, revenue, market shares and contact information are included. For industry chain, upstream raw materials and equipment and downstream demand analysis are also carried out. Finally, U.S and major regions U.S tungsten carbide industry forecast is offered.

Major table of contents mentioned in the report include tungsten carbide bars overview of tungsten carbide market, U.S shipment, ASP, gross and revenue analysis by 2022, application market analysis, main regions analysis, U.S shipment, ASP, gross and revenue analysis of tungsten carbide by manufacturers, technology status and plants analysis of U.S market, key manufacturers analysis of market, forecast 2017-2022, research method of tungsten carbide market analysis & forecast report, conclusion of the tungsten carbide market report 2017-2022 and continued.

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